Anxiety: the Broken pieces…

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Hello readers,

If you are keeping up with my Anxiety journey, you will know that my previous post on Anxiety talked about the signs of an Anxiety episode and the post before that talked about the first step towards curing ones Anxiety: Awareness.

One will only be able to see the signs in themselves once they have truly accepted their Anxiety as a beautiful part of themselves.

Today’s post is about how to help yourself and others in accepting their good, their bad, and their “ugly”.

This is the second step to achieving the ultimate goal: a CURE and above all peace.


How is this achieved?

How do I possibly accept this “ugly” side of me?

How can I love this part of me? How can I possibly accept this part of me?

My answer:

There are 8 Billion people in the world and out of those 8 Billion, 615 MILLION people in the world suffer from Anxiety, and you are not alone in your struggle.

•••>>>This is not an attempt to undermine anyone’s struggle. It is a reassurance that THEY ARE NOT ALONE. <<<•••

There is one phrase being said as a way of “positivity”, with the hopes of lessening a sufferers burden. But this phrase really does undermine a persons suffering:

“Your suffering is nothing. Look at the ones who suffer more.”

NO! How is that “positive”?? That statement itself is loaded with so much negativity.

Please, I plead with you all. DO NOT say such things in hope of easing another persons difficulties. This phrase does not encourage peace or positivity. It belittles the struggles and trials an individual experiences.

Every single individual we encounter struggles in their own way, and their struggle is REAL! It is SO real. By you telling them that what they are going through is “nothing”, you are making them feel as if THEY are nothing. It’s simply not acceptable.

I refer to sufferers as such because their trial, like all trials, is not simple. Trials were not created to be simple. They are supposed to be tough and we are supposed to suffer through them.

This is my way of interpreting trials and tests:

Think about the stages a caterpillar goes through during moulting, before it transforms into a butterfly.

Our sufferings are just that; our own versions of moulting so that we may emerge not only victorious but beautiful and free like a butterfly.

Side note: a caterpillar is beautiful in its own way too. Do not misinterpret my metaphorical explanation of suffering. See it as a positive explanation that will help you and others in the time of trial.


How do we achieve such acceptance of ourselves and our beings.

It’s very simple. The verse in the picture above says it all. “Allah (God) is sufficient for us and what an excellent guardian is HE!

Dear sufferer,

Firstly, you are not alone. You will never be alone. You have God. You also have friends and family and even strangers who will try and help.

“Worry ends where faith begins”- Sami Yusuf


Have faith in yourself fellow sufferer and above all have faith in God; there is no better guardian in life than God.

☝🏻I have been telling myself this everyday, to help me win against the negative forces trying to push me down. My posts are always a reminder to me first, and a way I can reach out to those who are suffering too.

DO NOT GIVE IN. YOU ARE ALL MUCH MORE THAN YOUR TRIAL. You are strong and beautiful and you will come out of this trial stronger and more beautiful than ever.

You will not remain broken, and in the moulting process forever. You will emerge just as a butterfly does, free of your trial, ready to soar high in sky. (Haha that rhymes :D)

I hope you all find your peace and I pray I do too,

Bibi Aysh x

P.S. which statement would you use to spread positivity in the life of a sufferer? Share yours in the comments below 👇🏻

8 thoughts on “Anxiety: the Broken pieces…

  1. My gorgeous ayesh, you are so excellent in what you say and how you talk.. I believe that you will get through this with your own words, trying spread awareness😊😗

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  2. You have God. And that is the ultimate consolation. No one and nothing can come between you and Him. Remember, “ud’ooni astajib lakum”. (Ask me and I will answer). Too much love ❤️💙💜🧡

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  3. Everything takes time. The usual saying time heals everything – well I don’t know if it heals but it definitely helps make it easier for us to adapt to the happenings around us
    The sun will shine through always

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