Reminder from me to me ….

The last few days have been extremely rough for me. I came across this post and once again, a message from me to me.
“Patience does not mean to passively endure. It means to have faith in the final outcome. To have faith that God is Loving and HE will provide enough strength to not only push through the storms in life but to emerge victorious in every way”

Peace and love,
Bibi Aysh

It’s a simple life...


Be patient.

Have patience.

Recently, that is all I have been hearing from friends, family and significant others alike. To be patient. To wait out the storm. To have faith.

What exactly does patience mean?

Does it mean to be meekly accepting of all and any situation that is to arise in our lives?

Or does it mean to stay quiet through your hard times ? Topassively endure ?

“Patience does not mean to passively endure. It means to be farsighted enough to trust the end result of the process” – rule #8 from The Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak.

I’ve gathered that patience is not to sit on your hands or twiddle your thumbs while waiting for things to happen.

Patience is not keeping quiet when it is better to speak.

Patience is faith. Faith that no matter the outcome, you will be accepting of…

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Sometimes I like to come back to my previous posts and read through my thoughts again.

As time goes by and as each day passes we get older. Through this process of “growing”, we tend to forget the lessons we have learned earlier on in life.

Words have the ability to take us back to that lesson, to that specific moment in time, to learn once more 🙂

Writing is a way to grant immortality to my thoughts, feelings and experiences; my very core.

It’s a simple life...

It’s the waiting that’s the hardest, toughest part of any situation, be it your order at Nandos or your test results at the doctors. Now, I realise the vast difference between the two, but let me explain; or atleast attempt to. Once a decision has been made, no words or thoughts or even actions can change that decision. So it’s the waiting after the decision has been made that is torturous; it is during that time that the doubts creep in. Questions arise; have I made the right choice; what if something goes wrong. It is when we wait that we are our most vulnerable, when we doubt not only our decisions but even ourselves. We question our whole lives during that waiting period, because well as we all know humans can be quite melodramatic. What I’m trying to get to, is that we spend most of our lives worrying…

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