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Every little bit counts

When most think of art, they think of beauty. Of perfect lines and perfect shapes blended together to make a perfect masterpiece.

When I think of art, I think of chaos. I think of passion and love and truth. I think of the artist and the whirlwind of emotions flowing through their skilled fingers onto their canvases. I see the vibrations of laughter and I feel the sweat and blood and tears echoing off the artists’ every piece.

The ultimate artist

When I think of art, I think of Allah. I think of the ultimate artist; of Him who has painted the earth so vibrant, we are still discovering its treasures to this date.

I think to praise Allah for the beauty he has bestowed upon this earth. The sea. The sky. The sands. The soil.

TI sat at the shores

I sat at the shores
The waves lapped at my feet
They were telling me a story

I sat at the shores
The winds sang a song
The tune was so clear

I sat at the shores
The sand covered footsteps
Paths that told tales

I sat at the shores
The birds twittered in tandem
They spoke of the same thing

I sat at the shores
I saw echoes of love
I experienced waves of ecstasy

I sat at the shores
The sun sang a song
Of light so brilliant and bright

I sat at the shores
The shells echoed legend from far
Sharing anecdotes for my soul

I sat at the shores
Where God’s praises echo all around

His Creations are all works of art. Take a grain of sand for example and put it under a microscope. You will see a whole world of organisms on its own. Just in a handful of sand.

The creation in itself is in praise of the Creator. Every grain of sand. Every drop of water. Every single cell is a meticulous work of art pointing towards a perfect Lord.

Every single moment our bodies live, is in praise of Allah. Stop a moment. Feel your breath. As you breathe in, your tongue will gravitate to the top of your palate- “Al” and as you breathe out you say “Lah”. Every breathe you take sighs “Al-Lah”. Every pump of your heart booms Allah. Every movement you make and every step you take your body is In Praise of Allah.

Take a moment to contemplate the reason of existence.

Our main purpose on this earth has always been to Worship Allah. To surrender to Him body, mind and soul.

In Praise of Him

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