The end of the world as we know it …

This is it.

This is the World War 3 we were anticipating.

Only it didn’t come with tanks and bombs and nuclear weapons.

It came with the ultimate biological weapon.


The entire world is at a standstill.

And everyone is living in fear wondering what this all means, how it started, who started it, how to end it.

Yet I believe everything is occurring as it should.

Because the world was literally going mad at the end of last year, with disasters occurring worldwide, and we all just needed all the bad news and bad things happening everywhere to just. Stop.

That time has come.

Now what? What do we do now?

We take stock.

Not of what we have in our cupboards, but what our lives revolve around.

What are the things we cannot absolutely live without.

Is it food? Water? Basics..

Is it electronics? Ice cream out? Luxuries…

Is it our schools? Hospitals? Weddings? Parties? Social…

Is it our families? Our friends? Our work?

All the above do have importance but it all comes down to SELF.

Which is why we have been told to stay to ourselves by our governments.

But why are we finding this difficult?

Is it because we are so used to being dependant on anything other than GOD?

Do our lives revolve around everything other than the Lord above?

Or is it the fact that when we are forced to be alone, we do not know how to continue with the simple.

The simple job of just surviving.

Because that’s what we are all fighting for right now.


Yet we forget.

Life and death is in GODs hands.

Turn towards Him and believe that if not a single leaf can fall without HIS permission, then it is truly the will of Allah for this sickness to get out.

I see Allah’s wrath in this pandemic but I also see HIS compassion.

“The meek shall inherit the earth”

Jus think about it.

We are living the Apocalypse we have watched in movies and read about in books.





And the ones who will have the highest chance of survival? They are those who can SELF-SUSTAIN. Those who live life to the fullest with the bare minimum.

The farmers. The villagers. The “uncivilised”.

The ones who are truly living the life GOD had created man to live.

The simple life …

Oh world,

Do not worry about getting sick

Do not worry about starving

Do not worry about dying





And above all have faith.

Allah is The Sustainer and sustenance comes from Him alone.

Believe you are loved and you will see His love in everything, His mercy in everything and His compassion in everything.

Believe and see YOUR world change…

Peace and good health,

Bibi Aysh x

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