Trickle treats…

Dedicated to you, as you heal ✨

What do you think the above poem is about?

Tears. A form of cathartic release.

If you’ve read my earlier posts about my battle with Anxiety, you’ll know that the first Anxiety attack came with uncontrollable crying.

(If you’ve not read the post follow this link and it’ll take you straight there)

So, yes. I cry. A lot.

And with every tear that drops, I feel the weight slowly lifting from my shoulders.

Regardless of what others say, I think crying is healthy. It’s you accepting something has gone wrong; it’s you allowing your body to grieve and it’s you letting yourself be weak.

And that’s what makes you strong. The fact that you allow yourself a moment to be weak.

And if anyone tells you that crying makes you a weak person, ignore them.

They don’t understand the way your brain works and they haven’t lived your life. Don’t expect them to understand you. It’s not their fault and it’s not yours either.

If you feel like you need to go and have a moment of weakness on your own, go and do it.

Scream, cry, let it out.

And then, give yourself a pat on your back, straighten your crown and go back out into the world being the strong warrior that you are.

Only you know what you are going through, and only you can help yourself.

Trying to explain yourself to those who cannot understand you will get you nowhere, it’ll just take back all that progress you’ve made and dump you back to the beginning, back to exactly where you started.

And that’s wrong. It’s called regression. And that is not an option.

So today, if you feel like you’re at breaking point then allow yourself to be weak for a moment.

Allow yourself to just bow in-front of your Lord and say “Annal Faqir. I am weak” and then ask for the strength to rise again and you will rise. You will feel better. You will feel lighter and yes, you will feel stronger.

You will feel free.


Bibi Aysh x

P.S. drop a comment on the first thought that popped in your brain when you read my poem.

I want to know what it meant to you.