Anxiety: Faith, again..

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My synopsis on A Wrinkle in Time to explain the importance on faith, negativity and positivity 🙂

Hello readers,

This post is about Faith, as was the previous post. This post is about the faith we should have in ourselves, faith that will result in the kindness we spread.

This is the second phase,

of the second step: acceptance,

to CURE ones Anxiety.

This post is about my personal synopsis of the lesson being taught in the new Disney movie:

A Wrinkle in Time

There are many many underlying secrets and hidden messages and lessons in what is thought of, by most, as a simple Disney movie. This is what it’s about:

As with all Disney movies, there is a villain and there is a hero.

The final battle to be won is between Meg and CW, who also happen to be siblings; Meg, a teenage girl and CW a 5 year old boy.

No, there was no “sibling rivalry”. It was something known as “the darkness” or “IT” as the negative force that wanted to take over the world.

C.W was being controlled by “IT”, who fed on his insecurities.

C.W. (as the IT) was trying to weaken Meg’s resolve by pointing out all her faults. She was hurt. But she didn’t fight back with insults. She realised her brother was not the one who was really saying all the horrid things. It was the IT, the darkness, controlling him.

So she kept reciprocating with these three words: “I LOVE YOU”. Those words earned her victory and brought her brother back from the grasp of the IT.

And the battle was not won using swords or guns or any physical weapon. It was won using the biggest weapon we as humans carry with us: WORDS.

This entire movie is a metaphor. A metaphor for the world we live in today. A metaphor for the societies we live in today. A metaphor for the people we have become today.

Allow me elaborate::

IT“: is a darkness that lives within all of us. Psychologists call it the ID. The cartoon “Tom and Jerry” portrays it as the devil on our shoulder. Yes, we all have a dark side, BUT we also have a side for light and love: this is the “angel” on our shoulder. It is our choice on which of them we feed more. There’s an old story on this:

C.W. is part of all of us: we use the faults of others to bring each other down; this is so we feel better about ourselves, not realising that by pointing out the faults in others we are letting the darkness win. We allow the negativity, the bad wolf, the darkness, the IT- to control us. This is who we have become.

Meg: this is who we should strive to be. Full of faults yet accepting of them all. Full of doubts yet having faith in the final outcome. Stumbling here and there, but dusting ourselves off, fixing our ugly specs and smiling through the negativity and reciprocating with LOVE! We should feed the good wolf and deprive the bad wolf.

Another lesson I would like to share:

Perfection is an illusion. This is created by the cosmetics industry via media and models and celebrities and all their nonsense.

This is what they say and this is also what we imitate, as their well-trained robots

Your eyebrows have to be on fleek. 💁🏻‍♀️

Your hair has to flow in the wind.👩🏼

You have to have the perfect contour.💄

Your lips have to be emphasised with fillers.👄

Your muscles have to be popping. – like do you even lift? 💪🏻

Your car has to be revving a certain way.🚗

Your eyes have to be a different colour coz the ones you have are just not good enough 👀

Your highlight has to be shining brighter than a diamond. 🤩

Your hair has to be silky and smooth all the time 🧝🏻‍♀️

Your skin has to be flawless 🧖🏻‍♀️

Your body has to be a certain size, weight and shape! “Go jog you fatso or eat some food you skinny twig” 🤦🏻‍♀️

Your selfies. OMG, your selfies have to be on point whether you like or hate the person you’re taking it with 🤳🏼 #butfirstlemmetakeaselfie

Doesn’t all the above just sound so ridiculous true?

So why do we have such expectations of each other, and above all, ourselves?

Why do we enforce these laws on each other, as if they are the laws of nature?

I like to say to myself, “you cannot give from an empty cup”. This also should mean we should not empty another’s cup either.

Instead of commenting about ones physical appearance all the time, we need move beyond their exteriors. Our bodies are just vessels for our journey on this earth.

Yes, we should keep ourselves clean and presentable at all times. That is important. But we should not become obsessed with obtaining perfection.

“Truly, beauty does lie in the eye of the beholder”

We need to decide to make our sight beautiful, and everything and everyone we see, will seem beautiful (including the war we all fight everyday with the darkness in ourselves).

It is all in how much positivity we permit to enter our body, soul and mind. And also how much negativity we shield our body, soul and mind from too.

I leave myself and you; as the entire humankind, with a single quote:

“Everything; every event, every mistake and accident, every beautiful turn and every story of love, has all come together to make YOU. So never think you are not enough.

You as you is all you need to be ”

-Ayesha Aboo

Peace and love to you all,

If you’ve watched the movie, please leave a comment below. I would like to know how this Disney movie affected you 🙂

5 thoughts on “Anxiety: Faith, again..

  1. You couldn’t have said any of it any better. Haven’t yet watched the movie but will definitely!
    ‘Perfection is an illusion’ – YES! Today’s society, if you ask me, is stuck in a trap. A trap of me, me, me and sharing that on social media. And you have explained it so well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Agreed ❤️ we’re in a never ending loop of what was said, and what is actually meant and what we understand and above all, what is “expected”!

      It’s very sad 😦


  2. Could not have explained this movie any better, your words are words that would touch a soul to the core – love the way you write and you inspire people to be a better version of themselves everyday, keep up the good work! 💖


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