Create a new prodigy !

Yass Queens!!! 🙌🏻

Listen up y’all.

This post is for men and women alike. Teach this simple train of thought to the women, (young and old), in your lives. This is also for you whether you are a mother of a woman or a mother in law of a woman, a father of a woman or a father in law of a woman. This post is directed to all of humankind alike.

DO NOT spread negativity to the women around you or “prepare” them for failure when it comes to Marriage, because that is NOT an option. it should not be an option in the first place. Uplift each other and ensure the happiness of the people around you by guiding them with positivity and smiles and happiness.

Tell them this instead:

You are a princess because your dad is the King.

Once you’re married, this will change.

Change is good.

Now you’re in a new palace where your husband is the King; this makes you a Queen. That palace is now yours, it is a gift from your husband to you. That includes the people who come with that home. The family. Accept them as they are, the same way you would like them to accept you. Understand that just as they are new to you, you are ALSO new to them.

With your crown comes responsibility and duty. Accept it, cherish it. You’re given that high status; you have to work for it. It does not come free.

So women, start a new trend. Love the home and family you are married in, just as much as you would want them to love you.

Be brave. Be loving. Be loyal. Be a QUEEN.

God has granted us the gift of choice. So choose. Choose happinesses; it is a choice. A choice in the way you view everything; you can choose to see the beauty in everything and be happy or the beast in everything and be totally miserable.

CHOOSE to be HAPPY, my Queens !

–> written for all the brides to be in my life!

–> inspired to finally post this up by Maleeka !

16 thoughts on “Create a new prodigy !

  1. Reblogged this on Deen Therapy & Fashion. and commented:
    Ayesha! This is amazing – inspires me more to be the woman I am always. Some woman find the need to poke their nose into every situation even it doesn’t consult them. We need to show the world that we are one, and we’re made for the purpose of fulfilling our duties. If you can’t do that straight you can’t do anything straight. One of the last things I read before my flight and I’m inspired. Keep up the good work Aysh! ♥️♥️

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  2. Ayesha! I’m glad that I could inspire you to post this up as we need to encourage women to stand up for what is theirs. There’s no doubt that what is theirs will reach them but we need to push them to their goals! A lot of women have the tendency to poke their nose into other peoples business even though it doesn’t concern them. We need to show the world we are one and that we were made to fulfil our duties. If we can’t do that straight we can’t do anything straight. Keep up the good work because your work makes me so happy and is so satisfying to read. Lots of love Aysh ♥️

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  3. Changing perspective is so powerful.. Often things are written to change our actions, but it all starts with our mind and our perceptions.. Love this reminder ❤

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  4. Maybe some people can’t find happiness because they keep taking happiness away from others… tears of a heartbroken good person doesn’t go unanswered…
    What u give you get back good or bad…. for Allah SWT is fair…


  5. Maybe some people can’t find happiness because they keep taking happiness away from others… tears from a heartbroken good person doesn’t go unanswered….
    What you give … you get back… for Allah SWT is fair…

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