Anxiety, the signs…

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My previous post detailed my personal views on the causes of Anxiety episodes.

As I said in my previous post, once an episode has been triggered, it becomes impossible to control. In order to control the episode, one will have to recognise the signs and thus be able to “calm their minds”.


These are the several signs that indicate an episode:

  1. A sudden change in mood; this can be from extreme happiness to extreme sadness or extreme grief etc
  2. Palpitations or a sudden change in heart rate
  3. A sudden and very random influx of nausea not caused by any physical condition
  4. Excessive sweating
  5. Trembling within: this is when a sufferers body is steady on the outside yet trembles within. When they are lost within the sounds in their heads
  6. Trembling without: shaking of hands, legs, and sometimes slight full body spasms
  7. Shortness of breath
  8. Palpitations in the brain
  9. Numbing of one side of the body
  10. Lastly, the final sign before an episode is triggered : Immense pain. Some suffer from sharp pains in their backs, others from sharp pains in their heads; migraines. This final pain is when the body and brain are completely overwhelmed, that nerves start to bunch up. This is what causes that pain

The order in which I have written the signs, is the order a sufferer will experience them and this will indicate the severity of the next episode. Anxiety is an illness that varies between sufferers. Some may experience the first 2 signs. Some may experience 1. Some experience ALL of them.

Some sufferers experience an episode after noticing only one of the above signs. The trick is to recognise which signs your body gives as an indication of an oncoming episode. Only then, can a sufferer ground themselves again.

Acknowledging the signs is the second step of being cured: Acceptance. This is what I will speak about in my next post.

I leave my readers with this simple thought:

God does not give a burden too big to carry.

If God has blessed us with Anxiety, then verily He will also bless us with the strength to overcome it.

“Verily, with every hardship comes ease.”- Surah Alam Nashrah, the Holy Qur’an.

God Almighty, is All-Loving. And HE, the Most Merciful loves us, his creation.

In retrospect, we as humans find God has shown us all the signs; all we have to do is open our broken hearts and we shall see them all.

If any of the signs above have created an echo of “YES” within you, leave a comment down below of which ones, and how this post has helped.

Peace and love,

Bibi Aysh ❤

P.S. the images featured are paintings done by my beautiful soul of a sister.

6 thoughts on “Anxiety, the signs…

  1. I had experienced all the above just that the people around me and me myself dint know what was happening and it had already got to it’s worse but to the other readers this is very helpful and by knowing all this u can stop it from becoming worse..

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