My Anxiety story continued

Post #2

I do not let the fact that I have Anxiety define me.

I do not ignore it either.

I accept it, embrace it and control it.

A week ago I posted about my very first episode which happened 6 years ago. That was just the beginning. The intensity of my episodes increased with each occurrence to a month back where I felt my left side go numb.

side note: I’m not telling you this for any sort of sympathy or pity.

My purpose for this post is to explain to the world that: yes, Anxiety occurs in our heads. But, that does not mean it is not real. (I quote wise Albus Dumbledore here)

Let’s talk about Anxiety as a mental illness now.

“It’s all in your head”.

I’ve heard the above statement so many times that if I received a prayer for it instead, I would be cured 😂 (I joke but not really)

This is my response:

Take the example of a cancerous brain tumour. “It is in the head”- literally. Does that make it less serious or critical of a matter. No. It is a similar case with any mental illness.

It is time to make it very clear to society and the ‘stigma’ and skewed thinking it has about mental illnesses.



Just as any human would not purposely want to be affected by cancer, people who suffer from any form of mental illness do not actively ask for it nor do they have initial control over it.

When a person suffers from a physical illness such as cancer, they are required to take extreme measures and make drastic changes to their lifestyles. The people around them are supportive and try to be as sympathetic as they can. This is great! We should support them.

However, the same case should be with those who suffer from any form of mental illness, be it Anxiety or Bipolar Syndrome or a Special Educational Need.

So to you reading this very post, I plead with you. Do not make fun of mental illnesses. Do not undermine the struggle of anyone you meet. If someone comes to you in confidence, listen. You are not required to heal them; your listening itself will be enough. Listen to them. You may never know what demons they are battling within themselves.

Comment your views on mental illnesses and don’t forget to like if you agree 👍🏻

3 thoughts on “My Anxiety story continued

  1. I have never experienced it myself, but I’ve encountered people with depression, and a very dear friend of mine who’s experiencing it. Sometimes, I find myself panicked because I need to make a solution or a really helpful advice, but it’s just what you said. Listening probably is the best kindness I can ever offer, and just being here for her.

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