13 reasons why.. 

13 reasons why. 

A friend messaged me last night with just those words. I immediately downloaded the book. I had put the book down as one to read, on my never ending list of to-reads, hoping to get through the list in a timely manner; so it was on my radar. I just never expected it to affect me so much.

I don’t do much research on books I read. I prefer to discover their secrets along the way, so I had no idea the book was about a girl who commits suicide. Until I watched the Netflix trailer. And then I immediately started reading the book.

If you have not read the book, please do. If you prefer watching series over reading, then watch those 13 episodes. 
And then tell me exactly how you were affected by the content. Because you will be affected, I promise you that.


It’s something each and every human, enlightened or not, has thought of at least once. I say ‘thought of’, not ‘thought of doing’ – before anyone gets on the defensive.

What have you thought about suicide? Have you ever thought of ending your life? Did you know someone who ended theirs- and did you wonder what was going through their minds for them to make that decision and take that step?

-This is the second book I’ve read on suicide. The first was ‘I was here’ by Gayle Forman. Read this as well; it provides a completely different view to the word. –


Society shies away from the word. I have written this post specifically so we could discuss suicide. 

Who condones it? – none of us should.

What situation causes it?

Are there any kinds of situations where taking your life is the only option? – there are so many: this is where Euthanasia comes in. That is a form of suicide; the decision to end a life was made by that individual.

What of teenage suicide? Why have the numbers increased? Is there something wrong with teenagers or something wrong in how the adults of this generation are raising them?

So many questions. I would very much like to hear your answers in the comments below.

This is for those who feel they are alone and have no other way out and everything is just too much and they need to get away. This is for you; if you are being bullied; if you have lost someone; if you are being shunned; if you feel as though your life is starting to unravelknow you are not alone. You matter. 

2 thoughts on “13 reasons why.. 

  1. I am looking to have a read as well as watching the series. I feel they are many steps towards suicidal thoughts. It’s like a domino affect in your brain where one thought leads to another. I have thought about it before but never had the courage to think ahead because then I was brought back to my morals and why I was on this earth on the first place. I feel that the expectations of societies have risen so much in the past few years that people do anything to fit in and if they commit a crime or an act or shame they see no way out but death. India has the highest rates of suicides which come to an average of 16 a day. At the end of the day my opinion on how to reduce the thoughts and actions is to LOVE. People mostly teenagers are more likely to be happy when they feel love from their parents, teachers, relationships, friends. This makes them feel wanted. People need to learn how to show love in order to be loved and be happy.

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    1. I’m sure the story will capture you as it did me.

      Society plays a big roll in a person actions and how we react towards certain things. I feel society condemns rather than supports when actually it should be the other way round.

      Yes. The domino effect. The snowball effect. All different thoughts and events and emotions that lead a person to take their life. To end it.

      Love plays a huge part in life. Suicidal tendencies fade away to the background in the presence of an emotion as strong as love.

      Love comes in many shapes and sizes these days. A smile. A gift. A shoulder to lean on.

      Thank you for sharing ❤️


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