That step;

One step. 

The first step. 

The smallest step. 



Smile and take that breath. 

Take that step. 

The biggest step. 

The leap of faith. 

The fastest rush of air and wind against your hair. 

The blush against your cheeks and the feeling from the leap. 

Your heartbeat quickens

Your stomach jumps. 





You have done it. 

You did it. 

Was it worth it, worth the fear? 

Was it worth the thoughts, the doubts the reason that you’re here? 



A thousand times. 


-I was asked to write a poem in 5 mins by a family philosopher. I came up with this. 

What situation did you imagine? Write them down in the comments below 

3 thoughts on “That step;

  1. I love the way curiosity is aroused – keeping the reader guessing.. Its hard to say which particular situation; there are so many times in life that the first step is most daunting.. I was left with a myriad of situations :’D Keep penning dear friend.. much love xx


    1. Thank you. I agree; when I wrote this I didn’t have one single moment in mind but the many moments of self-doubt, of fear and of the unknown. Of having to make a decision of which the outcome you are unsure about. 🙂

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