The love of a woman 

My thoughts on my poetry coursework 🙌🏻

Recently, I came across my year 11 poetry coursework. We were given the task of choosing 6 poems and linking them with a theme. I chose poems that all came under the theme of ‘Emotions of a woman’.

Poetry Coursework  – click on link to view.

I found that much of what I had written on these poems, I still agreed with. Women love with all that they are. There is no such thing as a halfway love. One of the ways that a woman loves; which I did not mention in my work, was the love a woman had for her friend. That love is pure and eclipses all. How, you ask? How can the love of a friend eclipse all other forms love? What about the love of her mother for her child? Or the love a woman gives a man?
See, all these are bound by some blood relation or expectation. But friendship, now that is a relationship – a love – that a woman chooses simply for her own happiness. When a woman chooses to befriend another, it is for the sole reason that she finds happiness in the other persons presence. I do not speak of the superfluous friendships that last little over an hour, but of those that last a lifetime. And the beauty of friendship is that it is a gift that can be handed to anyone with no restrictions at all. A daughter can be more than a daughter to her mother. She can be her friend. Sisters do not only need to be bonded by blood but by genuine friendship. The old can befriend the young; the sick can befriend the healthy.
And on that note, I leave you with Sonnet 104 by William Shakespeare.

Originally written on: 4 January 2017

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