So I’m experiencing thunderstorms in more than one sense of the word:

The flash of lightening pierced the sky and the world around her lit up in the darkness whilst her heart experienced the pain that his anger lashed out. It was crazy how the weather suddenly mirrored exactly how she was feeling; a flash of searing white pain followed by thunderous thoughts. She lay listening to the sounds of the storm around her, and her racing heart matched the sound of the falling rain and the headache pounding behind her forehead. She lay wondering what may come after this thunderstorm; a rainbow or just the soggy ruins after the night was over. Flash after flash of light assaulted her over sensitive eyes, yet she hardly blinked, fuelling the ache at her temples. Normally, she would find the sound of rain comforting; soothing, however, tonight her feelings were mostly clouded with worry, and even though she felt the sharp sting of unexpected neglect, she could not bring herself to feel anything other than fear for his safety. Staring at the blank screen of her phone, she awaited his reply, or atleast some sort of indication that he was fine. And she stared for what seemed to be years rather than minutes, the thought that the long night had just begun going through her mind. Crazy images of him being in danger during this turbulent weather had her panicking; one of her many traits. She tended to over-think situations and end up assuming the worst. That was normal for her though. She tended to do that with the simplest of issues, coming up with the silliest of ideas. Yet, even knowing how ridiculous her over active imagination could be sometimes, she couldn’t shake the uneasiness uncurling in her stomach. And she waited …

Originally written on: 9 December 2014

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