The little things

Do we ever stop to appreciate the little things? Actually, do we ever stop to do a little thing. A small smile here, a nod of understanding there, even a small gesture as comfort. Do we ever stop from our ever busy lives to just look around us, and try and see the people and the plants and the animals around us? Really see them. Do we ever try to understand the people around us?

I feel as though we live in a world full of judgement, of trying to work up to being people we actually wouldn’t even like if we met them. This is the world; where girls spend hours in front of their biggest enemy, trying to perfect themselves for the world that puts so many expectations on them to be the expected image, the image the world tells them is acceptable. This is the world; where boys have so much pressure on them to do the right thing and make the right decision with very little guidance from the people they should turn to; their parents. This is the world; where parents are trying so hard to give their children a ‘life they never had’ only to miss giving their children the life they actually did have; a life of happiness and love and the little things, where they would ride their bikes to the ice cream store and buy an ice cream for 5p or MK50, and they would enjoy that ice cream. they would not sit and stare and try to picturise it from countless of different angles for so long that by the time they are satisfied with their ‘masterpiece’, their ice cream has already melted.

The little things that seemed to be little things at that time, seem like big things now. The small moments that the older generation took as part of their lifestyles are now cherished by the generations now whose souls are thirsty for more than the urban life; the online life. Life should not be about your next instagram post, or your next facebook status. To those who are reading this, if there is anyone that is reading this, I beg of you, please look for those little things that are actually the big things. Life is all about living through the little things, experiencing them with your eyes; not behind the screen of you iPhones.

What are the little moments you enjoy?
One of my favourite is that first sip of coffee in the morning.
The warmth that comes from the mediocrity of
everyday rituals that aren’t very mediocre at all.

Originally written on: 7 December 2016

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