Hi bloggers of WordPress!

So this being my first post i thought i might give you an insight on who Ayesha is. Well, Ayesha loves food. Wait, why am i talking, rather typing, in third person. So, i love food. You may ask, “what is there to love about food”. The simple answer to that very complicated question is everything. The colours of food, the aroma of food and obviously the taste. I enjoy books. I relish them as much, and perhaps even more, as i do food. What was once a hobby slowly became a habit. I am nearly always reading some book or the other. However, if i get started on my fetish for books i might end up with pages long of writing that tours down many roads yet doesn’t get us anywhere. I love children and I love slow songs. I love the smell of roses after its just rained and i love walking barefoot on cold tiles in the summer.

I love my family. They are everything to me. This may sound sappy, but i treasure the moments when my whole family meets up and there is so much happening at once that it is impossible to distinguish one strand of conversation from another. Those are the memories that are close to my heart. By family, I do not only mean blood relations, but those that are deeper than blood; relations of the heart; friends. you may have noticed that I love a lot of things. that is how I function. I feel deeply or not at all. and that is what motivates me to write. Writing gives me a way to express myself; it is an outlet for all my thoughts and feelings and opinions. So I hope that you enjoy whatever I am to write.

2 thoughts on “Hi bloggers of WordPress!

  1. Family is everything ❤️I love you to the moon and back ..Ayesha loves food is an understatement😂I Enjoy reading your experiences because i have been with you in most of your experiences ❤️

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